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Stefanie Boone, MS, RD, CEDRD, provides nutrition therapy for adult and adolescent men and women with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, and exercise disorders. While her speciality is nutrition therapy for eating disorders, her therapy practice also brings hope and perspective for those who may not have an eating disorder who would like to stop dieting for good and develop a positive body image and intuitive relationship with food.

Nutrition Therapy

Concierge Therapy Services 

for Eating Disorders

Natalie Brooks, MA, LMFT is a licensed Psychotherapist specializing in psychological disorders that are considered "difficult to treat". She provides individual, family, and group therapy services for adults and adolescents. Her treatment specialties include; eating disorders, chronic and severe mood disorders, general anxiety disorders, and performance anxiety often experienced by athletes or creative performers.

"My therapeutic approach is rooted in psychodynamic and attachment theory. I was trained directly by world renowned experts, Peter Fonagy, PhD and Anthony Bateman, MD who developed Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) for Borderline Personality Disorder. I am also trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and offer a unique blend of traditional western psychology  and mindfulness based therapies rooted in eastern philosophy".

Eating Disorder Circle

Due to the complexity and seriousness of eating disorders, we understand that recovery from an eating disorder happens far beyond weekly 50min therapy sessions. Concierge therapy services are offered for those individuals with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, orthorexia, and compulsive exercisers who wish to begin or maintain recovery from an eating disorder,  but would like to do so in an outpatient setting rather than enter a formal treatment program. Eligibility depends on a number of factors but may be an alternative to traditional eating disorder treatment center settings. Each concierge plan is unique to the individual patient. The service fee includes in-person psychotherapy and nutrition therapy sessions along with accessibility to therapist via email and text messaging during extended hours for added recovery support. Further support is available via video conferencing for those who travel or study abroad but primarily reside or attend university in the state of California. Additional services such as Group Therapy and Eating Disorder Circle may be added are offered in blocks of time at various times throughout the year. See below for further information about these additional services.

A unique ONLINE Eating Disorder Nutrtion Therapy Program for adult men and women, founded and run by Stefanie Boone, MS, RD, CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian). This is a unique opportunity for those who struggle with food, exercise, and body image issues to receive effective nutrition therapy for Eating Disorders no matter where they live. It can also be a game changer for those who may live nearby but cannot realistically come to in-person groups and sessions on a regular basis. All services are provided online via easy to use encrypted video conferencing and chatrooms. Participants have free use of the videoconferencing application, which can be used with Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows programs. This app can be used on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. For more information on Eating Disorder Circle please visit: or call (909) 332-2286.

Now forming for Fall 2016. Groups are filling quickly!

Please call or email now to inquire and reserve your spot as space is limited at (909) 332-2286 or email 

Come into a relaxed and non-judgmental group environment where you’ll receive support for your struggles with food, exercise, and body image. Groups are offered online and in-person. This group is for adults with food, exercise, and body image issues. It is designed for men and women in ANY phase of their recovery process. There is a 6 person maximum. We pre-screen all potential participants before they are invited to join the group to assess for readiness, willingness, and also for general  "goodness of fit" with other potential group members.  The format of the group includes processing, psycho-education, discussion, and open discussion. All groups are personally led by Certified Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapist and Registered Dietitian, Stefanie Boone, MS, CEDRD, RD.


We will be talking about rejecting dieting, intuitive eating and exercise, body image, food judgments, and weaving in coping skills (including mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance) to help actualize your recovery.

You will also learn some very relevant and effective (DBT) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills and concepts as they relate to Eating Disorder Recovery. Our intention is to help you define and realize your personal vision of what a healthy relationship with food and exercise looks like for you.

Week 1: Distress Tolerance: Putting the ED out of a Job
Week 2: Finding the Link: Intense Emotions and ED Behaviors
Week 3: Crisis Survival Skills
Week 4: Radical Acceptance and Body Image

Next In-Person Group Start Date:

Now forming for Fall 2016. Groups are filling quickly! Please call or email now to inquire and reserve your spot as space is limited. Contact us today at (909) 332-2286 or email 



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